Introducing Spaces: Custom Mobile Apps, Reinvented

It’s an exciting time for mobile app platforms. Moving into 2018 and beyond, you’ll notice all the major app platforms starting to build out “container apps” that house every guide that’s built on their platform. But buyers beware; not all of these apps are the same. Guidebook’s app has been around since 2012, and with today’s new release, it’s only getting better.

Introducing Spaces: Your Own Piece of the Guidebook App

Guidebook is the only mobile app platform that allows you to house all of your guides within a single shell, or as we call it, a Space. Beginning on December 15, you’ll be able to create your own branded Space within the Guidebook app. From an end user perspective, it’s completely seamless, from download to launch. Your Space can be completely branded, easily discoverable and accessible, and full of organized and password-protected guides. No other app platform offers this.

Now, with the release of Spaces, you’ll have access to:

Your own unique App Home.

Something no other app platform offers. Beyond housing your own guides within the container app, you’ll be able to manage all your guides from one centralized place. Your branding and logo will be front and center. Users will simply click into Guidebook, tap on your Space, and instantly be able to access all the guides you have created for them!

Fastest content publication.

With Spaces, there is no approval needed from the app store. This means you can publish content fast, and update your Space in real-time – no more waiting seven days when you want to update your app name.


Faster iteration.

Rollout of new features is now easier, more consistent and more predictable than ever. Automatic updates ensure your guides are on the current codebase; never again will you have to worry about constantly re-submitting your app.

Increased personalization

Once a user has used the app once, Guidebook remembers their login information so they’re not constantly signing in every time they re-open your app. With all your app content organized neatly in your space, it couldn’t be any easier for users to discover and share new content. Your Space can be completely branded to your specifications — and yes, that includes every guide within it!


Better user experience.

Users have limited space on their devices, and if they attend multiple events, the effort involved to download a new app for each one can be a barrier. Having a single app for all their events results in a better experience for the user. Give them one app for all their needs!


Better builder experience.

As cool as standalone apps are, they’re notoriously slow when it comes to actually deploying or making updates to content or branding. With Spaces, it’s not only faster and simpler to create, but you now have the power to make edits completely on the fly.

simplified_onboardingWhat makes Guidebook’s container app stand out among the rest?

More of a numbers person? We pulled together some metrics to prove just how heavily the Guidebook app has been used over the years. For one, Guidebook’s app has been around since 2012 and has always served a sizable portion of our user base. From small events to huge enterprise corporations, people all over the world trust Guidebook to power their mobile experience.

  • Over ⅔ of our paid customers choose to house their guides within the Guidebook app.
  • In 2017 alone, over 14,000 guidebuilders managed a record-high 24,370 active guides on Guidebook.
  • In 2017, the Guidebook app was used by 1,131,995 people!

As a leading mobile app platform, we are extremely excited to see so many people loving Guidebook. And with the release of Spaces, we know these numbers are only going up.

Ready to start building out your own Space in the Guidebook app? Get in touch with us and we’ll set you up!

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Still not convinced and want to create your own branded app on the App Store? Beginning in 2018, new branded apps will have to be created under your own developer license. Get in touch with the team and we’ll walk you through the process of custom developing an app for you.

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