Live From Mobile World Congress

Every year, Mobile World Congress brings together the largest names in mobile to push the limits on technology. The Guidebook team is thrilled to be among these big names as well as thousands of mobile enthusiasts in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2019. Each day of the event is sure to produce big news and exciting technology, so stay tuned to the blog throughout the week for updates as we share top moments, right from the middle of the action.

Day Four

Two major themes at Mobile World Congress, AI and 5G, remained prevalent as the team explored the show floor on the final day of the event.

5G on the horizon

Ooredoo showcased the first 5G-powered aerial taxi. This large, drone-like vehicle is big enough to transport two people to a destination up to 20 minutes away with a 130 Km/h speed. Creators demonstrated it’s capabilities at MWC with a VR flight over Doha, Qatar.

5G enabled live music experiences

Vodafone and Ericsson combined forces to demonstrate further capabilities of a 5G network by putting on a concert with musicians in two different locations. A pianist, drummer, and singer were together at Vodafone’s stand, while the lead guitarist was on Ericsson’s stand in a completely different hall at the event. Despite the distance, they performed ‘Smoke on the Water’ by Deep Purple together. It was quite impressive to watch the guitar solo on screen with the rest of the band in front of you with absolutely no delays or difficulties with connection speed!

Cultural applications of AI

Illustrating how technology can work across industries, Google demonstrated how AI can be used to analyze artwork. Accessing a vast database, Google Lens allows people to experience art in new ways. By scanning a piece of art with the tool, users have access to information on the piece of art, the artist, and more.

Day Three

The Guidebook team was back out on the show floor, exploring the next big trends in mobile. AR/VR and foldable mobile devices were two big themes throughout, take a look at some of our favorites:

AI gets musical

ZTE showcased what AI and robotics can achieve. Demonstrating possibilities across industries, robots playing the drums and piano give a look into entertaining uses of artificial intelligence.

Wearable technology

While a number of companies debuted foldable phones, Royole took it’s technology a step further and showed attendees the power of thin, moldable screens in fashion! With this, the company showed off a number of innovative, flexible mobile concepts, including on a purse.

New uses for AR and VR

Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 attracted a long queue of attendees who wanted to experience the newest mixed reality device. The device, which Microsoft unveiled at the event, has a wide range of practical use cases for everything from hands-on surgery training and architecture to car repair and security.

Nokia highlighted a more playful use of VR with an immersive game of ping pong or Holo Pong. The interactive demo gave us a look at the VR technology as well as a peek into how much quicker games will be with future 5G capabilities


Day Two

The second day of #MWC19 was all about the content, take a look at highlights from a keynote session:

Keynote – Intelligently Connected Experiences

Day two, the team sat in on the keynote session, Intelligently Connected Experiences, which discussed how connected digital innovations are redefining consumers experiences with brands, products, services, and individuals. This session brought together President of Groupon, James Forese; Groupon CEO, Rich Williams; and Founder/CEO of Niantic, John Hanke to discuss how innovation impacts business and consumers. Each leader spoke how innovations in technology have and continue to drive change within their industries.

Forese started the session speaking to the role that banks play today. Recognizing that a third of the world doesn’t have access to banks and that many individuals have a lack of trust towards banks, he spoke to the partnerships and innovation required to reach new bankers. Mobile has been a way to get past issues – by enabling users to signup and bank through their phones, Citi has opened up banking to more people.

Williams, whose business is increasingly driven through mobile, shared eye-opening statistics on mobile usage like – the average person looks at their phone every ten minutes. With such high usage, it’s no surprise that commerce through mobile is increasing. With that though, consumers have become increasingly picky about the apps they keep on their phones and the

Founder of the company that created Pokemon Go, Hanke shared his thoughts on the next big technologies and the role partnerships play in building that tech. From expanding AR and VR to pushing the limits on what networks can do with 5g, Hanke noted these as exciting additions to the landscape.

Building apps with Guidebook

We were excited to introduce more conference-goers to Guidebook’s simple app building platform throughout the day. Making it possible for anybody to build a beautiful app, we were thrilled to echo the message of the day’s keynote session and share a solution that connects businesses to their audiences via mobile.

 Day One

What a start! The first day of #MWC19 was one to remember – both sharing Guidebook’s intuitive mobile app building platform to event-goers from around the world, as well as exploring the show floor to learn about upcoming trends in mobile. Here are a few highlights from day one:

Insights from Satya Nadella and Dieter Zetsche

In a keynote session with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Daimler Chairman Dieter Zetsche, the two leaders discussed the key role data plays today, the pace of innovation, and the increasing importance of collaboration. Highlighting the growing role technology plays across industries, the partnership between these two giants is one that, just a few years ago, would never have been imagined.

Mobile meets mother nature

How can the honey production process be improved? Mobile, of course. With intelligent analysis of temperature, humidity, and movement, technology is working together with honey bees to create the optimal environment to produce more of our favorite treat.

Oral hygiene is getting smarter

Oral B introduced its newest product – a smart, mobile app driven toothbrush. The Genius X smart electric toothbrush analyzes real-time brushing data, giving you scores and recommendations to improve your brushing habits.

Technology for small traders

MTN MoMo is introducing mobile banking to underserved individuals and small businesses, showing how technology and connectivity can improve business for small traders all over the developing world.

BMW Debuts Visionary Vehicle

We’re one step closer to smart, autonomous driving cars with BMW’s unveiling of its concept of the BMW Vision iNext. From Alexa-like voice commands to gaze and gesture reccognition– BMW aims to make interacting with a car as natural as chatting with a friend.

Guidebook showcases intuitive platform

Last highlight of the day, the Guidebook stall. Located in Hall 8.1 Stand 8.1H52, Guidebook introduced attendees to the intuitive, app building platform. Throughout the day, our team showed off the code-free development platform – and will continue to highlight the best-in-class technology all week. If you’re attending the show and want to connect, schedule a meeting with us to learn more.

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