Guidebook Tips: Organizing Your App with Folders

If you’ve ever opened up an app and felt overwhelmed with information – you’re not alone. While apps present the opportunity to house a wealth of information, it’s important that app content is well organized to support usability. To avoid information overload in your Guidebook-powered apps, we created the Guidebook Folder feature.

The Guidebook Folder feature is a versatile tool that can be used to help organize other features on the menu. Folders are a great way to keep your Guide’s menu clean and organized while ensuring the Guide is easy to use and intuitive! 

How Folders Work

A folder allows you to add multiple features together into a single line on the menu, condensing multiple rows down while keeping everything easy to access. Then, when users tap the folder, they see all the items within it. 

Why Folders are Important

With mobile applications, how you use screen real estate is important to consider! Folders enable you to maximize your screen real estate and ensure that all of your content is easy and intuitive to find!

Folders Use Cases

Tailoring Content for Multiple Audiences

 A common use is to organize content for different audiences within the same event. An example is Freshman Orientation for Colleges. Parents and Students both attend the same event but have different focuses and schedules. Using folders can help to create unique experiences for each group within the same guide. 

Surfacing Top Content

Another great use is to condense features on the menu to ensure important or high tap content will be seen and easily accessible on the menu. Combining relevant items (such as social media) help to ensure you control the available space on the menu. Additionally, combining low tap items frees up space, keeping your menu compact and easy to navigate.

Combining Related Content

Next, a folder can be used in combination with existing features to enhance their capability. An example is adding multiple Custom Lists into a folder. This expands the number of items available and gives you a list within a list. A great way to display a contact directory filtered by department. 

There is so much more! These are just a few of the uses for the folder feature. Folders are just one of the many flexible and versatile features Guidebook has to offer. If you have any questions about organizing your guide, our dedicated support team is always happy to help! Simply reach out to

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