Provide More Value to Your Event Sponsors with an App

For many events, sponsors play a critical role in providing attendees a well-rounded event experience as well as meeting revenue goals. Digital sponsorship packages are changing the way attendees engage with sponsors, providing new and innovative touchpoints that are highly engaging during the event and after the event has wrapped. 

With the latest in mobile technology, it’s possible to deliver quantifiable value to organizations sponsoring your event. Today, more attendees are downloading event apps, in fact, according to Event Manager Blog, attendee app adoption is around 80% when it’s offered at an event. 

All of this makes mobile a great platform to position your sponsors on during your event. The clear benefit to your sponsors – having their brand in practically every hand at your conference.

Let’s dive deeper and look at the value your app brings to sponsors. 

First, understand what’s important

The beauty of event apps is in their flexibility! An event app enables you to offer a variety of digital sponsorship packages, for example with Guidebook, you can offer: 

  • Sponsor banners 
  • Sponsored sessions
  • Sponsorship module 
  • Gamification to support sponsor booth visits
  • Sponsored polls and surveys

Each of these sponsorship options may appeal to organizations for different reasons. When engaging with potential sponsors, ask what the goal of participating is, then tailor your sponsorship to meet their goals. 

Enhance brand exposure

For sponsors who purely want brand exposure – offering sponsored banner ads is an excellent way for your sponsors to gain visibility. Every attendee who uses your app during an event will see the banner ad each time they open up to the app to check their schedule or view the event map. 

Once the event is done, you’ll have robust data to provide metrics like how many times banners were presented and tapped by attendees.

Want to go bigger? Offer organizations the opportunity to sponsor the entire app! For the right business, “Your Conference: Presented by XYZ” opens up a major opportunity for revenue and brand exposure.  

Improve attendee engagement

If your sponsors are looking for a more active sponsorship, offer sponsored sessions or content.  

Offering session sponsorship allows branding as well as active engagement. Incorporate the sponsor’s name into the session title or include their logo in the session’s listing. You can even reinforce it with branding in the session itself – perhaps as part of a pre-session slide on the presentation screen.

By adding contact buttons, you give attendees the opportunity to reach out directly to sponsors. Guidebook makes it simple to offer opportunities for direct engagement.

Sponsored posts and polls enable sponsors to directly tap into your audience with a special offer, highlight their presence, or get feedback. And if you have Guidebook as your app provider, you’ll be able to share measurable analytics on the performance of each of these opportunities.

Drive audience behavior

Who wouldn’t love a game to break up a long conference? Not only is gamification a way to incorporate some fun into your event, but you can use it to drive attendees towards your sponsors and thus provide your sponsors with more value for participating in your event. 

Create an app game, for example assigning points for visiting sponsor booths or placing scannable QR codes at sponsor booths, to encourage attendees to visit and engage with your sponsors! Learn more about how to gamify your next event with Guidebook, here. Keep attendees engaged with the game throughout the event with push notification hints and special offers from sponsors.

Interested in learning more about how Guidebook event apps can help you provide more value to sponsors? 

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