Real Conference Apps: Chris Can Make Real-Time Updates

What if you needed a mobile app that could support constantly changing content–updating as often as every few minutes?

Chris McGee is the co-organizer of the un-conference EdCamp STL, and he found an easy way to put information in the pockets of his attendees… even though it was changing rapidly.

Peer-to-Peer Learning, Flexible Agenda

An un-conference is a meeting or gathering with topics and content decided by the participants–in this case, teachers. EdCamp’s mission is to bring teachers together to have two-way conversations about topics that matter to them.

A No-Stress Solution

“The sessions are decided that day,” says Chris. Participants come to Chris with a topic, and he finds a place for them in the agenda. He enters the topics into Guidebook’s easy-to-use back-end content management system, and the updated agenda is published immediately to the apps on participants’ phones.

“I can make as many changes as I want, as often as we need it,” Chris says. Using an un-conference app has made the innovative event even more forward-thinking.

“Guidebook is what you need to make your event look clean, professional, and well-put-together.”

With Guidebook, you can build and publish a mobile guide to just about anything, and make as many real-time updates as you like. Want to learn more? Build a working guide and publish it for free

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