Updated Promotional Resources to Drive Your App Adoption

Building an app can be incredibly rewarding. However, you will not see the adoption and usage necessary to propel ROI unless you tell your audiences about your app. With the promotional resources provided in Guidebook Builder, your marketing plan will practically write itself.

Common qualities of strong marketing plans: longevity and variety

1. Start promoting sooner

Inform your audiences about your app as early as possible – even if it’s not completely finished yet. You can continue managing your content while inviting your audiences to connect with one another. Build anticipation and keep your audiences engaged with a robust marketing plan spanning a longer period of time.

2. Connect with your audiences across multiple channels

Because your audiences are diverse, they will engage with your messaging in different ways. Be sure to incorporate various approaches in your marketing plan. Promote your app with email campaigns, social media posts, eye-catching visuals, and other tactics that all include simple instructions so users start using your app instantly.

Multi-channel messaging that makes sense

Guidebook recently updated the promotional resources provided in Builder to help you craft effective messaging with minimal effort.

The core component to app promotion is your Guidebook Web Page. It helps you onboard users into your app, and you can showcase some aspects of the app experience online. All you need to do is customize your Guidebook Web Page, and then share the URL.

We have made it as effortless as possible for you to share your Guidebook Web Page URL by providing you with a QR Code, Poster, Email template, and even some Social Media post ideas.

Download the QR Code itself or generate a Poster with download instructions accompanying the QR Code. These resources are great for digital communication and signage (including presenters’ slides!) as well as printed materials.

In addition to providing easy download instructions, it’s important to communicate the value of the app to your users. Why should they download it? What content and tools will they find in it? We have provided an Email as well as a few Social Media post ideas that are ready to be copied with the click of a button.

Lastly, recruit your colleagues to promote your app too. Word-of-mouth is powerful, so make sure your team is ready to rave about your app and help users download it.


Measuring the success of your marketing plan

Metrics are readily available in Builder so you can watch your app downloads flood in. You can even track which features and pieces of content within the app are catching the attention of your users. This data can inform adjustments to your promotional strategy to drive up adoption and usage of your app.

We are excited for you to design a wonderful app experience and make sure your users get the most out of your app. Connect with your Account Manager to learn more about the updated promotional resources available to you.


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