What Event Planners Can Learn from the Burning Man Chaos

Planning a successful event is a massive job in itself. Getting the details right between vendors, logistics, timing, food, budgeting, etc. is always chaotic and stressful. So something that often gets forgotten is the safety of any event. Unanticipated safety concerns like the flooding at Burning Man or the huge crash at Tour de France 2023 caused by a fan on the sidelines getting a little too close, highlights the importance of emergency response planning.   

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The Changing Landscape of Event Safety

As events get bigger and bigger, so do the safety concerns. What was once a manageable task of ensuring basic crowd control and medical assistance has evolved into a multifaceted challenge that encompasses everything from security and emergency response planning to health protocols and environmental impact. 

With larger crowds, the potential for unforeseen emergencies and logistical hurdles becomes more significant, emphasizing the critical need for comprehensive safety measures and advanced technologies, such as safety apps, to address the evolving demands of event safety in today’s dynamic landscape. 

Building Emergency Response into Your Event App

Guidebook’s event app builder includes features like push notifications and informational pages directed towards attendees that can be easily updated at any time to keep communication open and share information across any event. Our sister brand, ReadyKey, takes it a step further to help companies create a safety solution that enhances emergency preparedness efforts, keeps all staff up to date on any issue, and enables access to important information online or offline. Here are some key features that make building an app with ReadyKey invaluable for emergency response planning:

Push Notifications: Stay in the Loop

  • Push notifications provide a direct and efficient means of communication with front-line workers or event attendees. Send real-time updates, alerts, and important information during emergencies to keep everyone informed and safe.

Content Repositories Available Offline

  • In emergency situations, access to critical information is paramount, even when internet connectivity is limited. ReadyKey and Guidebook apps enable offline access to important documents, safety forms, and policies, guaranteeing access when needed most.

Interactive Maps with Location Information

  • Interactive maps offer a visual representation of important locations, evacuation routes, and emergency assembly points. Users can quickly navigate and locate essential resources during emergencies, improving response times.

Surveys and Forms for Engagement

  • Engaging front-line workers or event attendees in the emergency response process is crucial. ReadyKey and Guidebook’s survey and form features enable organizations to gather feedback, conduct safety checks, and assess the situation effectively.

Emergency Prevention and Planning Process for Event Safety

Effective emergency preparedness consists of three key components, which ReadyKey supports:

Team-Based Risk and Vulnerability Identification

  • Collaborate with a diverse team to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities within your organization or event. Assure that various perspectives, expertise, and roles are considered in the risk assessment phase.

Detailed Risk Assessment and Ranking

  • Utilize tools like severity-likelihood matrices to assess and prioritize identified risks.
  • Prioritize risks based on their potential impact and likelihood, allowing for focused risk mitigation efforts.

Effective Identification and Implementation of Controls

  • Apply the Hierarchy of Control to select appropriate measures for risk mitigation.
  • Track progress and compliance with controls using checklists and reporting features.

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Emergency Preparedness is Easy with an Event App

The importance of comprehensive emergency preparedness in event safety has never been more evident. As events continue to expand in size and complexity, the potential for unforeseen emergencies and logistical challenges grows significantly. It is in this dynamic context that event organizers must prioritize safety, ensuring that attendees, staff, and participants are well-protected in any situation. 

The integration of advanced technologies, like safety apps by ReadyKey, offers a solution that streamlines emergency response planning and keeps everyone informed and safe. By adopting event app tools like push notifications and offline access to critical information, and a systematic approach to risk identification and mitigation, event planners can navigate the changing landscape of event safety with confidence and ease.

So, whether you’re organizing a festival, conference, or any large gathering, remember that emergency preparedness is indeed made easy with the right event app.

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