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Hybrid and Virtual Events Toolkit

Welcome to Guidebook’s Hybrid and Virtual Events Toolkit!

During these unprecedented times, we know there’s a lot to think about when transitioning to virtual. We’ve helped events large and small make the move to virtual, and we’re happy to share our learnings with the Guidebook community. Here, you’ll find tips and best practices for adapting your events for virtual and hybrid audiences.





GuideTalk Webinars

Get a hands-on look at how to go virtual with Guidebook product experts.

GuideTalk: Mobile Apps for Virtual Events

Join us as we discuss the shift to virtual events, what that means for the events industry, and how you can use mobile to enhance your attendee experience. During the session, we’ll walk you through a live demo of our mobile app platform — complete with audience participation!

GuideTalk: Virtual Events Demo

Watch a replay of our virtual events demo for a look at the tools and features available to enhance your next virtual event. Want to try out a Guidebook mobile app? Download the Virtual Event Demo Guide: Passphrase: gtvirtual

GuideTalk: How to Transition to a Virtual Event with a Mobile App

Join Guidebook leadership to learn strategies for transitioning from live to virtual events and pointers on adapting your Guidebook app for virtual. Whether you’re planning your first online event or are a seasoned pro, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to hear from the Guidebook team and participate in a discussion with fellow organizers.

Beyond Web: Why Mobile Apps Are Critical for Virtual Events

We know you’ve got a lot to think about as you transition from physical to virtual events during this unpredictable time. From the tools you use to the new format of your schedule, every detail has to be adjusted as we shift to a more virtual way of life. Video streaming is a must for your event, but it’s also just the start — in this session, we’ll address why mobile is a critical component of virtual events and how you can create more engaging virtual experiences beyond the web.

GuideTalk: Using Guidebook Web Features to Support Virtual and Hybrid

During these times, we’re all spending more time at home in front of our computer screens. This month, we’re excited to introduce new web features designed to best support you and your audience. Join this session to hear from our product team and get a hands-on look at our most recent web updates. We’ll share insights on our newest features and how to provide your audience a better web experience with the Guidebook platform.





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