Simple pricing, maximum value

Whether you're engaging with five people or 50,000, Guidebook has a plan that's right for you.

£ 4  per device

Want a flexible plan that fits a smaller audience? Only pay once per unique device. The first 5 devices are on us, and any additional are just £4 each. Learn more

  • Pay as you go £4 per unique device, automatically billed at the beginning of each month.
  • Full audience management toolkit Set attendance limits for individual sessions and automatically wait-list attendees.
  • Content sync integrations Connect your guide data to tools like Marketo, Salesforce, iCal, Eventbrite, and more.
  • Engagement metrics and insights Track the most used features and learn how to optimise your attendee experience.
  • Email support Get in touch with our super speedy and award-winning Customer Success team via email.
  • Interactive tools and social feed Engage with your attendees and sponsors with a private social feed, live polls and surveys, interactive maps, and more.
  • Real-time updates Update your schedules, interactive maps, and speaker lists on the go.
  • Central content repository Host all of your schedules, maps, and content in one centralised location.

attendees expected

At this attendance level, we recommend the Full Service plan

Recommended plan

Starts at £2,600

For individual or multiple use-cases Predictable pricing for individual deployments or get bulk discounts and advanced services on multi-guide plans that scale with your needs.

  • All features from our self service plan
  • Branding + app customisations • Learn more
  • Dedicated account management Pair with one of Guidebook's award-winning expert Account Managers, who'll help to devise game-changing strategies for your mobile app/presence.
  • Advanced security options Set up SSO/SAML to further gate access to your content.
  • Custom icon library Extend your brand image by uploading your own icons to use in your guide.
  • Email, chat, and phone support Receive real-time chat or phone assistance from our award-winning Customer Success team, in addition to lightning fast email responses.
  • Unlimited devices Pay the same amount, no matter the number of devices that download and access your guide.
  • Scaled pricing for bulk orders Optional pricing for bulk orders.
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Discover our exclusive features

App & Builder
Self service
Full service
Advanced schedules Create multi-track and preset individual schedules.
Lists Create unlimited lists to display important content to your users (i.e. FAQs, speakers, sponsors, directories, etc.).
Interactive maps Link a schedule session or list item to a map image (static or interactive).
Social Media Integrate with Twitter and Facebook to complement and drive user engagement.
Shared photo album Allow users to view and share pictures. Photos can be tagged with sessions or attendees.
To-dos Create tasks and add any list item to follow up with.
Interact (personalized social feed) A newsfeed-style section within your guide to display posts, photos, upcoming content, and more.
Private messaging Make your guide social by allowing attendees to send each other private messages.
Surveys Survey your audience with freeform, multiple choice, or sliding-scale type questions.
Web links Connect to websites, videos, or registration systems.
Document library Host presentations, reading materials, PDFs, and more.
Mobile admin Send messages and schedule updates right from your phone.
Sponsorship opportunities Include banners and promoted posts for sponsors to gain more visibility in your app.
Live polls Gather invaluable feedback from your guide users in real-time.
Custom icons Access to our massive icon library, or upload your own!
Attendee check-in Allow users to check-in to your guide and view other attendees.
Branding and app customizations Completely theme your app or Space. Every UI element is themeable.
Gamification Engage your audience with a scavenger hunt!
Support & Services
Self service
Full service
Award-winning support Our customer satisfaction rating is 3x the industry average. Run into an issue, hit us up by phone, email or chat. We’re here to help.
Email only
Phone and live chat
Third party integrations Access to our out-of-the-box third party integrations.
API access Access to our robust, public API.
Dedicated account manager Pair with one of Guidebook's award-winning expert Account Managers, who'll help to devise game-changing strategies for your mobile app/presence.
Professional services Need help building your guide? We can do that!
User management
Self service
Full service
Session attendance Setup sessions to require registration and track session attendance.
Access control (whitelist) For guides that should only be accessible by specific users.
Group segmentation Segment your users into groups for targeted messaging and metrics.
Per user reporting Gather usage metrics on individual users such as sessions attended, time-in-guide, and user journey.
User invitation management Send email invitations and track downloads.
Metrics & reporting
Self service
Full service
Robust usage metrics Access detailed metrics on app and guide usage.
Metrics export Export your usage metrics to CSV.
Administration & Security
Self service
Full service
Guide collaborators Invite anyone in your organization to help you build your event guides.
Collaboration center Invite external contributors to add content to your guide.
GDPR compliance We take user privacy seriously and comply with current EU regulations.
SAML-based single sign-on (SSO) Single sign-on extends your organization’s security practices seamlessly to your mobile app by allowing users to login using only one set of credentials.

Build and publish

Meet Guidebook’s Builder: the most powerful content management system in the game.

Organize a schedule & speaker lists

Builder makes it easy to organize your content in ways that just make sense. You can even speed the building process along with our intuitive content importers and integrations.

Add advanced features

Drag and drop advanced features into your guide like a shared photo album, our messaging module, or our activity feed — Interact.

Make it great

Our simple, clean interface is easy for anyone to use regardless of technical skill. Your content will always look the best it can on any device, no matter what.

Publish to the world

When your guide is ready, you can publish it to the world with a click of your mouse. Changes appear within minutes.

Manage your audience

Once you’ve published your content, we’ll give you state-of-the-art tools to manage your audience.

Invite your audience to the party

Control who has access to your guide with our privacy controls, then make sure they get access with our invite tools. Or simply make your guide available to the world.

Push critical messages straight to the app

Once your guide is out there in the hands of your audience, engage them with critical messaging through push notifications.

Segment your audience

Organize your audience into groups for tailored messaging.

Curate your attendee experience

Monitor attendee interactions on our social platform with our moderator tools. Highlight key sessions and sponsors with admin posts.

Measure your success

Access intuitive metrics of your app's most popular content to understand attendee engagement and make informed decisions. We make improvement easy.

Measure adoption

Monitor downloads and guide access. The breadth and depth of your audience usage will tell you how successful your guide was.

Evaluate your content

Monitor the most accessed content in your guide. What was a success that could be expanded and what could be adjusted and improved next time? Now you don't have to guess.

Identify influencers

Identify your most active audience members for rewards or outreach.

Take next steps

Our metrics toolkit gathers all the data from your guide and displays it to you in a way that makes it easy to inform the critical decisions or processes central to your organization.

Commonly asked questions

Can I control who has access to my guide?

Yes! With privacy controls and User & Group Management you can easily gate your guide and only give access to the people of your choosing.

How can I prevent getting charged for too many users?

We have various safeguards in place to ensure that your guide is being used by real users. But if you’re still worried about this, a flat rate plan may be better for you. Get in touch with us to learn why.

What’s the difference between a Metered Guide and a Flat Rate Guide?

While a Metered Guide Plan and Flat Rate Guide Plan both have access to the same features, the Flat Rate Guide Plan pairs you with one of our award-winning Account Managers and grants you phone and live-chat access to our top-of-class Support team. To learn more about the differences, get in touch with the team.

What kind of information can I get from devices using my guide?

Once your guide is published you can access overall usage reports & trends, as well as individualized user reports. We also give you the ability to generate various usage reports to better inform you about how people are using your guide.