Guidebook Security

Providing a secure product is a core belief at Guidebook.

About Guidebook Security

We take a proactive and holistic approach to security while staying abreast of the latest threats. We continually improve upon our security posture as we grow.

  • Guidebook encrypts all sensitive data in transit and at rest using industry-standard algorithms.
  • Guidebook adheres to industry-leading policies and standards to secure our network, servers, applications, and data.
  • Guidebook performs third-party security vulnerability assessments and penetration tests to validate our products.
  • Guidebook participates in bug bounties to encourage the responsible disclosure of any vulnerabilities to us.
  • Guidebook monitors network, server, and application activity to detect malicious activity.

Report Phishing or Fraud

Report any suspected phishing or fraud attempts to the Guidebook security team at

Report Security Vulnerabilities

Being proactive rather than reactive to emerging security issues is a fundamental value at Guidebook. Guidebook participates in a bug bounty program for researchers who want to report any security concerns. If you have a security concern or bug to report, please contact for an invitation to join the bug bounty program.


As a Guidebook user, you always have the option to decline any sharing of your data. Guidebook's privacy policy explains the data we collect and what we do with it. If after reading our policy you have any questions, please contact us at

Our commitment to mobile apps

Our mission is to make it simple to create and manage mobile apps. Over a hundred thousand organisations have used Guidebook to power their mobile experiences. While we’ve had a lot of success powering conference apps, corporate meeting apps, and university campus apps, our platform has been used for thousands of different use cases. Forward-thinking professionals are using Guidebook’s simple app builder to make interactive mobile guides for their student orientations, college campus tours, venues, corporate campuses, parks, and airports. Start going green with iPhone and Android apps built by the best event app company in the industry.