2018 Conference and Event Trends That You Need to Know

With so many conferences and trade shows out there, it’s important to stay on top of emerging trends and ensure that your event presents the value that attendees are looking for. The best events are ones that are memorable, and nowadays the same ol’ tricks just aren’t cutting it. The good news is that new technology has created a modern style to the event experience that organizers can incorporate while planning.

Don’t worry, we’ve examined events far and wide to compile this handy list of trends to work into your next conference!

VR is Here

Events are an experience, and VR lets them experience an experience within an experience! You can call it event-ception, but VR and other cutting-edge technology enables excitement and lasting memories. Not to be confused with augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) is an artificial simulation of a situation invoking sight, hearing, and sometimes feeling.

Speakers have been utilizing VR to stun their audiences and create a truly unique experience.

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Safety First

In light of public safety as of recently, more and more people are not feeling comfortable in enclosed spaces and large crowds. Something event organizers should account for in their budgets are additional safety and security measures. Some suggestions include hiring security for the venue, arranging for metal detectors at the entrance, keeping track of how many people have entered the event and even heat maps.

Physical safety is not our only concern, but cyber as well. It seems almost as if we hear of a new DDOS attack in the news everyday. Investing in stronger data security measures is a must in 2018!

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One Universal Message

Themes are one of the most vital factors for attendee experience as well as the event planning process. Although conferences and trade shows are united under one common interest or industry, an event should have a theme that ties all the sessions together and reaches for a universal goal between attendees and exhibitors. One of Dreamforce’s themes last year was that, “Everyone has the power to be a Trailblazer and make the world a better place.”


Happy Hour

Networking is one of the main motivations behind attending a conference. After all the sessions are done for the day, attendees are expecting a Happy Hour event with drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and lots of business cards. After spending the whole day at the venue and exhibit hall, many organizations tend to host them at a nearby bar or restaurant. Nothing wrong with a little walk after sitting through a few sessions and your attendees can take in some of the city sights!


Doing Things for a Good Cause

To simply put it, it feels good to do good. Incorporating a charitable cause into your event is a fantastic way to help others, as well as your attendees. It is very easy to do as well; you can have one of your keynote speakers ask the audience to make a donation of their choice, or host a charity-focused booth. For example, the booth can have a game like Spin-the-Wheel with amazing prizes, but first players will need to make a small donation in order to participate.

Go Green

As technology advances, we mustn’t forget about our Mother Earth. Going green and being sustainable is not only a trend, but is also important for the advancement of business. Printing documents is wasteful and they usually end up in the trash! Having a paper trail also leaves room for sensitive information to get lost or stolen. Going green is easy with an event mobile app and is a great way to elevate your attendee experience.

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