Best Event Management Software of 2024

Today more than ever, having an event management platform is essential for every business. This is because event planning and events themselves have shifted from traditional to digital methods. Having event management software is, therefore, mandatory if you’re going to host successful virtual events.

This article will take a look at the history and evolution of event management software, integration of AI and automation, customization for diverse events, real-time collaboration, and communication. We’ll also look at why you should choose the best software available for your business or institution.

Before the age of computers and technological innovation, event planning was done manually with notebooks, booking rooms and various services, and physically inviting attendees with cards or letters. There was no email or mobile phone. For an event to be successful, it took a lot of time, effort, and money.

Thanks to technology, the stress of manual event planning is a thing of the past. With the help of software and mobile apps, you can hold events from around the world. Also, you get real-time data and engagement from attendees. 

Guidebook is a platform that helps you build simple apps for your events. It comes with amazing features that allow users to engage, connect, inform, network with one another, and get real-time data. It has been used successfully by NC State State University, the YMCA of the Rockies, and the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

The Evolution of Event Management Software

Event management has evolved from manual to mobile apps and software, transforming the process hugely. Event management software is a digital platform that allows businesses to plan, communicate, and automate event planning collaboration and communication have been made easy thanks to automation and the integration of different tools. 

Also, these platforms have made aspects of event planning like registration, ticketing, and booking easy. They come with features that allow for attendee engagement and file sharing. Businesses can also track and obtain real-time data for their events. Plus, these platforms have marketing tools that boost campaigns and advertisements, thereby generating business revenue.


Integration of AI and Automation

The event management industry has progressed from basic gatherings to hybrid events hosting thousands that deliver user experiences with impact. The evolution doesn’t just impact the logistical and business aspects of events but also the emotional aspects. It has moved from traditional business meetings to education, social change, education, and brand communication.

With the introduction of AI, it seems that nothing is impossible in the industry. AI has enabled event planners to design events with customizable experiences. Planners can automate logistics, track and measure impact, and get attendees to engage, collaborate, and network with one another.

AI has allowed for the streamlining and automating of different aspects of event planning, like registration, ticketing, and tracking. The benefits of automation include the following:

Elimination of Repetitive Tasks

Event planning involves logistics and tasks that can be overwhelming and repetitive. This repetition can lead to human error. Task automation eliminates errors as it streamlines tasks like budgeting, registration, and ticketing.

Real-time Data

You can collect, track, measure, and analyze data in real time with AI. This allows for data-driven decisions.

Engaging Attendee Experience

AI has increased attendee engagement through chatbots, live Q&A, and file sharing. With virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR), attendees can go on virtual tours and interactive demonstrations.


AI allows event planners to personalize events and give attendees a memorable experience. Nothing increases engagement and connection like having an individualized welcome message!


Customization for Diverse Events

The nature of events varies from conferences, trade fairs, fundraisers, webinars, corporate events, and educational. Because of this variation, it’s important to customize your events if you want success and attendee engagement.

Today, it’s not enough to get people to attend your events. It’s about getting them to engage, connect, and interact with others and your business. You should also benefit from their engagement with a good return on investment (ROI) as they participate in the event.

Customization is vital in event planning because it:

  • Keeps you competitive as you stand out from the crowd
  • Builds engagement with attendees
  • Fosters loyalty and trust
  • Increases ROI

Some of the trends designed to meet specific event requirements through customization include:

  • Personalized email marketing and communication
  • Customized event formats and experiences. Incorporate panel discussions, workshops, live Q&A, and gamification
  • Personalized giveaways help attendees feel valued

Real-time Collaboration and Communication

Thanks to AI and automation, real-time collaboration and communication in event planning exist today. This progression has led to improved team communication, coordination, and workflow.

Effective communication will determine whether your event will be a success or a failure. The communication trends that have shaped efficient and dynamic event coordination include:

  • Instant messaging and chatbots
  • Task management that ensures everyone does their job
  • Calendar and scheduling that eliminates conflicts as everyone is on the same page
  • File sharing

Why Choose Guidebook?

The event planning and management industry is still changing. Businesses need to keep up with the latest trends to thrive. 

With Guidebook, you can easily and quickly build a custom app for your event. It’s designed with features that allow users to engage, inform, communicate, analyze, connect, and generate revenue. Guidebook also integrates with other tools to guarantee success for your event. 

Guidebook is the best option for event planning and management in 2024 as it’s used by leading brands and is trusted by customers.

Intuitive Interface and No-Code Customization

Using Guidebook doesn’t require any technical or coding knowledge. Its simple step-by-step instructions make it easy for you to use. Its drag-and-drop functionality allows you to choose a template, select your features, fill in your content, and publish your app.

Guidebook’s content creation allows you to import files, schedule tasks, and link lists instead of building from scratch.

Engagement-Boosting Features

Guidebook has features that boost engagement, designed with you and your audience in mind. These engaging features facilitate active feedback through session RSVP and verification, gamification, live polls and Q&A, and flexible forms.

Seamless Integration with Third-party Tools

Guidebook seamlessly integrates with your CRM, marketing software, and event registration. It integrates with tools like Mailchimp, Salesforce, Cvent, Eventbrite, Splash, Marketo, and Aventri. By simply selecting the tool you want to integrate, the software syncs your content and streamlines all your processes.

An Event Management Platform with Versatility

Guidebook offers a solution for event management in the events space, education sector, corporate world, and associations. For instance, the event space is designed to enable users to create apps for conferences, trade shows, and other events.

With an event app, you can send instant push notifications, start conversations, collect real-time feedback, and generate revenue. Create and add features like ad banners, gamification options, and in-app sponsorship opportunities that expose your brand. In the end, all this improves ROI.

Events and Conferences

Guidebook is designed as a top-choice app builder for events and conferences because of its intuitive interface.

With features like on-site navigation, attendee analysis, and agenda planning, it’s a game changer for events and conferences. You can survey attendees about elements of your event and get real-time feedback. Also, you can collaborate with others on a single platform at no extra cost or license.

Guidebook contributed to the success of the Festival of Marketing exhibition. The marketing staff used the app to design eye-catching ads and created 12 different content streams.

Education Institutions

Guidebook is a top choice for education institutions too as it has features like student schedules, admission and enrollment, and virtual tours. The GPS-enabled audio walking tour gives students a feel of the campus experience at their own pace and time. These features increase engagement between students and institutions and streamline the institution’s processes.

Corporate and Associations

Corporates and associations choose Guidebook because its features make their corporate gatherings engaging and successful. It has session verification features that allow users to track and verify member participation. Its interactive maps, forms, live polls, and push notifications enhance networking and engagement.

event planning with guidebook


Is Guidebook the Best Event Management Software for You?

Guidebook is one of the best event management software packages available because you don’t need technical skills to use it. You can create and design a mobile app to suit your event requirements in simple steps using the drag-and-drop option.

Built with you and your audience in mind, it has features allowing users to engage, communicate, inform, connect, analyze, and generate revenue. Some tools encourage your audience to communicate through attendee profiles and networking, chats, photo albums and sharing, and social discussion feeds.

Streamlined Event Planning

Logistical planning is a nightmare for every event planner, and the number of tasks involved can be overwhelming. Guidebook takes away this nightmare by improving the entire event planning process.

Guidebook has tools that allow streamlined event planning processes. This helps planners focus on other strategic aspects of the event.

Tailored Experiences

Customization is essential for every event planner because attendees have different preferences. Customizing your event makes you stand out from competitors, and attendees feel valued and appreciated. They, in turn, trust you and have brand loyalty to your business.

Some of the customization tools include preset schedules and schedules. The preset schedules acknowledge that people have different preferences. Premade schedules, on the other hand, allow attendees to customize based on their interests, ensuring they get the best out of the event.

Engage Attendees

With engagement-boosting tools like gamification options, live polls, and Q&A, attendees can have an interactive session with your event. When attendees can participate live in your event, they feel they’re part of it, creating a memorable experience.

Seamless Communication

Collaboration and communication are essential ingredients that will make or break your event. Collaboration tools allow users to work with others and facilitate the success of your event.

Some of the communication features that Guidebook has that facilitate a seamless interaction among teams include guidebots, schedules, and targeted push notifications.

Measurable Impact

It’s impossible to tell whether your event succeeded or failed without real-time data. Data helps you measure and track the progress of your events. This is important as it allows you to make informed decisions and provide insight into areas for improvement.

Guidebook has tools that enable you to get real-time data through attendee activity tracking, engagement metrics, and session feedback and ratings.

guidebook event management software


Event management software is a necessary tool for every business today. It helps you create memorable experiences for attendees and increase engagement. Such software eliminates the logistical nightmares of event planning. Build memorable and successful events with Guidebook.

Guidebook is one of the best event management software packages of 2024, as it’s designed with both you and your audience in mind. It offers solutions for events for schools, enterprises, associations, and corporate events. It has features allowing users to engage, inform, connect, communicate, analyze, and generate revenue.

Choose Guidebook to start your journey and build an engaging event app. To request a demo and for further inquiries, contact us here.

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