Guidebook’s Mobile Apps are a Marketer’s Best Friend

Marketers are always looking for new, innovative ways that improve their operations and help get their message across to an audience — no matter what industry they work in. Common challenges plaguing marketers are proving ROI, streamlining communications and managing event administration. What if we were to tell you that there is a simple solution that can help you address all of these issues whilst delighting your stakeholders? Guidebook’s mobile apps are the marketing solution you’ve been waiting for.

The App Solution

Producing an app used to be a daunting task that would require a massive budget, stakeholder buy-in and many long months of development. With Guidebook’s platform, building beautiful apps has been made truly simple. It’s possible to create outstanding apps that don’t require an entire IT team and your yearly marketing budget. Simply log-in online, choose features, input your content and publish. We’ve powered over 50,000 apps globally with some of the world’s leading organisations such as Google, Amazon, Unilever and Barclays. You can create an app for many marketing use cases, such as sending teams to exhibitions, publishing event updates and allowing your team to be ‘mobile first’.

Here are some Guidebook solutions to marketing challenges:

Push Notifications

Streamlining communications and ensuring everyone receives the most up-to-date information is a constant battle without the right mobile app tool. What if you could send information straight to the smartphones of the relevant people? Whether you need to announce last-minute changes, send a reminder or offer notifications for your sponsors, push notifications offer you a quick and easy way to communicate with all your users. You can also schedule these in advance so you can sit back and relax.


Managing schedules and offering your attendees a clear way of seeing what is on offer is essential if you want your event to be a success. Printing out hundreds of paper guides is costly, not environmentally friendly and doesn’t allow your attendees to quickly find the information they want. Attendee’s expectations for events are higher than ever before. They’re looking for a mobile experience where all the event information is at their fingertips. Guidebook’s scheduling offers themed tracks that allow your users to quickly zoom in on the themes they’re truly interested in. Schedule sessions can link with speakers profiles so your attendees can find out more about the people and panels that attract their interest.

Sponsor Opportunities

Creating value and marketing opportunities for your sponsors is a tough task for event marketers. Guidebook offers your sponsors visibility during your user’s mobile app experience. Sponsor banners are one option — these are highly visible and constantly present in the app. These will be seen by every user of your app, allowing you to quantify for your sponsors the reach of their adverts. You can even offer your sponsor a whole section of your menu and feature sponsored icons. Custom menus stand out and allow your sponsors to try something creative at your next event.

Proving ROI

One of the most common challenges of all marketing departments is proving the ROI on your projects. Guidebook helps you prove to your stakeholders the results you are bringing to your organisation. When you make use of an event app, you’ll benefit from the metrics that are generated by your attendees. You can gain valuable insights about your attendees when you understand the types of actions they take when interacting with your event. You can discover your adoption rate, the top 5 menu items, the most popular items in your lists and your most popular sessions.

Find Out More

If you’re keen on finding out more about what Guidebook can offer, you can find us at the Festival of Marketing 2018 at London’s Tobacco Dock. We’re powering the app for the fourth consecutive year, and Richard Rowe, our EMEA Head of New Business, will be hosting a workshop titled ‘Event Marketing – the playbook for mobile app success’.


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