Upcoming GuideTalk - Providing Value to Sponsors with Guidebook 6|22

Sponsors play a critical role in many events. Through revenue, content, and dialog, sponsors contribute to the overall success of events large and small. 

As the events landscape continues to evolve – so must sponsorship opportunities. Our flexible platform allows organizers to tailor sponsorship packages that support event goals. Guidebook offers event organizers a variety of built-in sponsorship opportunities to drive value from partners. Sound useful?

Join this session to hear from Guidebook’s Customer and Product Teams and to learn about Guidebook’s new sponsorship opportunities. We’ll demonstrate how to leverage sponsored content, ads, engagement, gamification, and more, to drive revenue.

Providing Value to Sponsors with Guidebook

June 22, 2021

10:00 AM PT

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Interested in learning more about Guidebook’s event solutions? Visit our Events Toolkit for additional resources, tips, and tricks.

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