How the Event Coordinator Job Description Changed Forever

It’s so much more than ordering flowers and hiring bartenders. The event coordinator job description has changed!

You’re wearing more hats: digital marketer, event app administrator, social media pro. There’s an all-around focus on being tech-friendly and making your events and meetings green.

As you build out your résumé, focus on highlighting these tech skills along with your traditional certifications and planning experience.

Whether you’re hiring, thinking of changing jobs or just exploring a job as an event coordinator, use this modern, tech-focused job description as your template.

Event Coordinator Job Description

Your fulfilling, thrilling responsibilities:

  • Direct the planning, execution and logistics of events and meetings. Manage the collaboration software/app so all stakeholders are up-to-date.
  • Maintain relationships with vendors (whose systems will span decades of technology) and maintain efficiency throughout. Learn the questions you should be asking your vendors.
  • Orchestrate a compelling schedule, displaying keen knowledge of industry topics and trends. Build an event app, and keep it current with updates and push messages. Build an event app free.
  • Manage budgets using ninja Excel skills. Get event budget tips here.
  • Keep track of complex shipments using carrier tracking systems, obsessively managing their apps on your iPad.
  • Plan the event floor plan and accommodate last-minute changes–you’ll need to have expert mastery of event floorplan software.
  • Work with event sponsors to create compelling packages that include in-app ads and tech-forward attractions. Get sponsor package ideas.
  • Own the brand of the event, measure the social conversation, drive audience engagement, and–essentially–be a killer, in-the-know digital marketer. Steal our event marketing plan.
  • Negotiate all contracts skillfully and be able to “speak the language” of everyone you come into contact with.
  • Collect and analyze data from numerous sources, including your event app, your marketing tools, feedback forms and more. Feedback form tips here.

And there you have it! Now be sure to check out these 5 digital skills that should be on every event planner’s résumé, and make sure your Event Planning presence on LinkedIn equally impresses!

 event coordinator job description

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