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Is mobile app technology a critical gap in your product offering? Guidebook offers a best-in-class app building platform that, when combined with your product, will drive higher rates of engagement and retention with your customers.

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Technology Partner

An integrated solution across web and native mobile apps is no longer optional. Our technology partners multiply the value of their product by leveraging the power of our Builder platform through an integration that enhances the overall experience for their customers.

Reseller Partner

Join our reseller programme to gain authorised access to our product, world-class service, and an online portal that automates and simplifies the reselling process. Sell the best mobile technology to your existing clients and generate incremental revenue.

"We believe that researchers deserve exceptional conference software; we chose Guidebook to help us deliver it.

Our partnership allows us to work in harmony with a company that shares our obsession with customer service, user experience and product design."

Paul Killoran, Founder & CEO

"Fonteva prides itself on giving customers choice of the best-of-breed partners to extend the Fonteva Platform - which is why we chose Guidebook to launch Fonteva Mobile.

Our partnership with Guidebook enables us to provide a high quality, native mobile app solution that helps solve our customers biggest challenges when bundled with our other features."

Jerry Huskins, CEO and Co-Founder

Why partner with Guidebook

Grow your business by generating incremental revenue

Expand your total available market (TAM)

Stay competitive by offering advanced mobile technology

Improve customer retention and upsell rates

Benefits of our partner programme

Dedicated partner manager, high-touch service and support

Seamless API integration, best-in-class technology and design

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