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Expand your product suite in a snap

Evolve your product portfolio overnight with a mobile app offering.

  • Fill your mobile gap and meet your customers’ needs
  • Open a new revenue stream with a best-in-class product
  • Reduce churn and create upsell opportunities

Your mobile solution, simplified

Seamlessly integrate Guidebook with your core product to create “Your Mobile Brand, powered by Guidebook.”

  • Leverage a powerful, proven, turn-key solution
  • Save time and money, and avoid execution risk
  • Adopt a scalable solution that can handle tens of thousands of customers from day one

Winning together

When you succeed, we succeed. We work hand-in-hand with our partners.

  • Our Open API and integration team make implementation easy
  • Receive expert sales, marketing, and GTM consulting support
  • Our award-winning support team either train your support team or help your clients directly

3 months into our partnership, sales for Fonteva Mobile (powered by Guidebook) have exceeded $500K in ARR. Pipeline for the product is into the millions.

The high quality, native mobile app delights our customers and couldn’t be a better complement to our solution.

Jerry Huskins
CEO and Co-Founder, Fonteva

Why mobile?

  • Allow your customers to engage their audiences via their preferred manner -- their phones
  • Apps are the best way to distribute information, as people can browse and interact with content in an organised manner, anytime
  • Social features allow audience members to interact with one another, creating a community
  • Facilitate a line of communication between your customers and their audiences, solidifying their relationship

A customer-centric platform

  • Fully integrate our software into your platform for a seamless experience
  • Customers can start building their app with the click of a button
  • Empower your customers to be data-driven, providing them with analytics and insights

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