How to Use a Mobile App Template to Bring Festive Fun to Conferences and Events

Use a mobile app template to build your event app this holiday season. With this built-in solution, the features, content, and layout are all done for you, so all you need to do is integrate your database and supply the messaging.

Templates and mobile app builders help streamline the creation process and provide you with the tools you need to develop an intuitive design that aligns with the needs of your audience. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of using Guidebook templates to build next-level apps that engage with your audience. 

guidebook holiday event app template

What are the benefits of a mobile app template? 

Building an app from the ground up might seem like a daunting task. From the user experience and code optimization to regular maintenance and bug fixes. The entire creation process for a mobile app can sometimes take six to nine months to get it where you want it to be. 

The Guidebook app builder makes it easier to publish and maintain your app. And our mobile app templates take the stress out of the creation process. They provide an easy-to-use solution that can be fully customized to meet the needs of your upcoming event. 

Some of the many benefits of a no-code mobile app builder include:

Boosting attendee interaction 

Custom mobile apps are a must-have in today’s digital age. They keep your attendees engaged throughout the event and help them plan their day accordingly. With a mobile app builder, you can choose features that boost attendee interactions and engagement. Popular features include an attendee list, a map, push notifications, or a personalized schedule

Once your app is set up and ready to be published, you can seamlessly integrate it with your current tech stack. This includes your CRM, marketing tools, and your event registration system. With everything in one place, you can better understand your customers’ data and see the value of your event mobile app.

guidebook holiday event app template

Cost-effectiveness and scalability 

Just because you’re using a template for your event app doesn’t mean you can’t completely customize it to align with your event or conference. Building an app from scratch is an expensive and lengthy process. With mobile app templates, you can choose the features you need to develop a functional and festive mobile app, saving you time and money in the long run. 

For the Star Wars Celebration in Europe, their convention team used Guidebook to simplify a complicated schedule and allow attendees to customize their personal schedule. User experience features like this would have taken months to create. With Guidebook, they can streamline the process and get it done quicker than anticipated. 


Holiday networking and collaboration 

When people attend events, they love to network with other professionals and make connections. A mobile app can support this by showing an attendee list. With a Guidebook app, attendees can connect and communicate in your app’s social feed or through direct messages. You can also add features like open forums or discussion boards to inspire conversations. These features will get everyone in the holiday spirit and add value to your event.

Companies like YMCA use Guidebook’s templates for their event apps to create a shared photo album for their national expo. This is a great way to boost engagement, share your favorite holiday photos, and keep attendees engaged.

Unwrap Guidebook’s app template library 

At Guidebook, we have many different types of templates to choose from. Some of our most popular templates for events include:

  • Conference & Tradeshow
  • Fan Convention & Expo
  • Association or Nonprofit
  • Medical or Scientific Meeting
  • Trip, Reunion, or Retreat
  • Wedding
  • Arts and Crafts Fair
  • Music Festival 
  • Film Festive

Each template has suggestions for content and the layout of the app. You can also move, delete, and remove features or elements and turn any of these templates into a holiday-themed event app.

What actually are mobile app templates? 

A mobile app template is a no-code solution, so you don’t need to worry about front-end, server-side logic, database integration, or APIs. Simply drag and drop features and build your app in just four steps.

A no-code app builder like Guidebook makes creating custom apps for holiday events, festivals, or festive conferences a simple process. Mobile app templates help streamline the event planning process, taking one complicated task off your plate so you can focus on bigger plans and projects.

build apps for events with guidebook

It couldn’t be easier to create an app from a no-code template 

At Guidebook, we strive to make the process as simple as possible.

Here’s how to get started:

Step one: Choose a template

The first thing you want to do is explore our library of templates. Whether it’s a conference, expo, or a festive high school reunion. Each template has smart suggestions for content, features, and layout. 

Step two: Select your features

Once you find a template that aligns with your holiday vision, you can drag and drop which features you need on your mobile app. Features like a photo album, speaker lists, or a list of exhibitors are popular features to include for event mobile apps.

Step three: Add content

After you’ve picked your custom features, it’s time to fill in your content. Content like attendee information, schedule, and the event map are all important. You can easily upload a CSV file from your computer. Don’t forget to also add festive language or holiday messaging!

Step Four: Publish it

If everything looks good, click published, and ready to go! Now you can share your new event app with your attendees and let the fun begin. It’s that easy.

Bring holiday cheer to an event with a Guidebook mobile app template 

A custom mobile app builder is designed to make apps more accessible for big and small businesses. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a holiday-inspired expo, or a music festival, Guidebook has everything you need to get started. 

Give your event attendees the gift of engaging experiences with your mobile app built with Guidebook. Request a demo today to get started!

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