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What can a mobile app do for your organisation?

Extend your brand

Your staff likely spend over a fifth of their waking hours on their phones. Mobile needs to be an extension of your brand, and a way to engage with your staff via a channel that they prefer.

Collect feedback

Survey your staff in real time and hear what they really think. No more annual forms that are obsolete the moment you press publish.

Communicate in real-­time

Reach employees, partners and customers the way they want to be reached — via their mobile phones and push messaging. It’s 3X more effective than email.

Engage employees

Tie all of your initiatives together to engage your employees throughout their lifecycle by creating interaction through social media, photo albums, and a dynamic activity feed.

Share documents securely

Enable your mobile workforce with the latest product and company information. Protect it all with Guidebook’s secure SSO technology.

Easy admin

Your team have full ownership and governance of the entire app deployment process without the need for technical support. Guidebook’s content management system allows for information to be updated anytime and provides a full audit trail.

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The world’s most admired companies use Guidebook

Amazon Web Services

AWS re:Invent organizers wowed developers and partners with Guidebook. They used the conference app to help attendees participate in the massive event. The app featured:

  • Personalized schedules for more than 150 individual sessions and breakouts
  • Interactive maps showing five levels of meeting space and after­hours event locations
  • In-­app advertising allowing AWS to maximize exposure for their sponsors

Universal Orlando

Film and theme park operator Universal Studios uses Guidebook to educate and onboard their employees and partners. Their mobile app features:

  • Complete schedules for their events to keep things organized
  • Messaging that’s used to welcome, remind and thank participants
  • Social media feeds that encourages sharing via Twitter and Facebook


The multinational company’s CMO decided that it was time to “cut the binder” and start delivering content to customers in a contemporary manner. Their enterprise apps include:

  • Event guides for leadership conferences, internal meetings, corporate employee recognition events, and trade shows
  • Interactive tours built for facilities like the company’s Innovation Center
  • Training and education apps, and internal directories that help people stay connected

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The world’s best enterprise mobility tool


Centralised control

View and manage all apps in one place - ensure brand consistency and governance across all deployments.


Publish large quantities of mobile apps with unlimited downloads. Save templates for repeat programs so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.


Empower your workforce to build an app in ten minutes or less, and make changes immediately. No technical skill required.


Single sign-­on extends your organisation’s security practices seamlessly to your mobile app.

Make changes from anywhere

Update schedules and send push notifications from your own phone - an industry first.

See the data

Access intuitive metrics of your app’s most popular content to understand attendee engagement and make informed decisions.


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