How to Build Interactive Mobile Apps For Associations

What is the Value of Apps for Associations?

Mobile apps offer value for associations in numerous ways. One notable example is the easy access to important resources, such as vital documents and critical information. Thanks to a dedicated mobile app, association members can access these resources anywhere and at any time.

The University of Oregon orients more than 5,000 students each summer. The assistant director noticed that these orientations use a lot of printed papers. Therefore, they saw the need to use Guidebook to create an app that would both ease orientation and reduce waste.

The Growing Role of Mobile Apps in Associations

Interactive apps have become a vital item in many associations in recent years. These apps provide lots of benefits to associations, such as streamlined communication among members and increased member engagement.  

For these roles, these apps have features such as member forums and event management capabilities. Thoughtful application of these features within an app can lead to enhanced member engagement, contributing to an association’s growing success. 

Benefits of Having a Mobile App for Associations

Here are some of the top benefits of using a mobile app for an organization;

Enhanced member engagement –  The average time spent on smartphones is ever-increasing, with people spending, on average, a total of 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phones each day. Offering a dedicated mobile app means targeting members where they spend a large portion of their time – on their phones.

Instant communication –  Associations can notify and alert members promptly via a mobile app, sending information straight to their audience’s pocket.

Streamlined event management – Events hosted by associations can be streamlined and managed with ease by way of a robust mobile app. Acting as a centralized hub of information, both organizers and attendees are aided by a dedicated app. 

Data accessibility – Members can access data like member directories, event calendars, and sponsorship directories with ease. Association administrators are able to quickly and simply gather valuable data about their members via an app. 

Networking opportunities – Mobile apps for associations create opportunities for networking with their peers and forging new working and personal connections. 

Feedback and improvement – Precious feedback from members can be collected via a dedicated app, allowing for adjustments and improvements.

Adaptation to modern expectations – Associations can keep up with current trends and cater to present-day anticipations, ensuring relevancy and providing value for their members. 

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How to Get Started Building Your Association App

Now that you have learned about the perks both associations and association members can enjoy through a dedicated app, it’s time to create your own. To do this, there are a few things you need to consider, from which app builder platform to utilize to customizing features and functionalities. Allow us to walk you through each consideration in more detail. 

Choosing the Right App Builder Platform

To answer the varied and ever-developing needs of associations, the number of app builder platforms on offer has skyrocketed. 

This includes checking out online reviews from genuine sites. A good platform should also have experience in helping associations build apps. Enough experience allows the platform to know exactly what a certain association would need.

Designing your Association App Interface

To get users to use the app, you have to be extra careful with the app’s design. You need to have an app with a straightforward interface, which will make it easier for the users.

Customizing Features and Functionalities

A good app builder should be able to provide you with customization tools. A one-size-fits-all app may not work for your association. Guidebook offers customization features such as session verification, a central information hub, sponsorship opportunities, and networking and engagement.

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Engaging Your Association Members

The best thing about association apps is that they have features to enable you to engage members. Such features include push notifications, surveys, gamification, and others.

Strategies for member engagement

Here are some of the strategies you can use to increase your member engagement.

Implementing Push Notifications

Guidebook offers push notifications as a feature on association apps. They help notify members of important events or anything related to the association. Members can get these notifications on their mobile phones as soon as they are sent.

Gathering Feedback and Making Improvements

Guidebook gives associations a chance to collect information from members in the form of surveys. This, in turn, helps associations know how they can improve in certain areas. They also offer different features that help associations gather the necessary feedback from their members.

After gathering feedback, associations are capable of responding to the feedback and making improvements where necessary. Gathering feedback from members shows that an association values its members. Responding to the feedback by making necessary improvements will also help in the growth of the association. 

apps for associations with Guidebook

Boost Member Engagement With Mobile Apps for Associations

Having an association app will greatly help any association to grow and communicate well with members. It also reduces costs in terms of getting rid of prints. So, instead of an association printing lots of informational documents, they can seamlessly pass their message using an app.

Another advantage is that many members mostly spend their time on their mobile phones. This means that it is easier for associations to reach them and communicate promptly. In terms of getting feedback, mobile apps for association make it even easier to collect the necessary feedback.

With all these benefits coming from an association app, different associations have different needs, and that’s where Guidebook comes in. The platform offers associations a chance to create interactive mobile apps with many features that will match any association’s needs.

If you are looking for a solution that is flexible and will keep you connected, Guidebook is your number one choice.

With Guidebook, you can create an association app that will increase participation and engagement. The platform doesn’t require you to code, so it becomes much easier. Improve your association’s engagement by requesting a demo from Guidebook today.

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