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The cosmic world of cosmetics: the parallel world where targeted ads are born!

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Oct 28th at 11:00 AM until 12:30 PM


Mozilla Fellow + Awardees 
Privacy and Security 


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One of the biggest threats in terms of privacy for any netizens is the way in which data is collected from their Internet activities in order to deliver targeted advertisements. While some of us take extra care to avoid being the victims of such advertisement traps, we often don't understand who, how and where we might expose our personal data.

In this session, the participants will understand the world of targeted ads by mimicking the journey of an average netizen who wants to buy cosmetics online. They will map their weak points by going through the very thought of buying cosmetics, the way they might search on the Internet and buy specific products to understand how they would be personalized.

This is a Learning Forum session.

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