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Engage association members at events, and all year-round

Connect with younger members, replace printing costs, and generate additional sponsorship revenue.

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What can you do with an assocation app?

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Create your schedule with ease

Making your minute-by-minute schedule has never been easier.

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Add custom venue maps

Guide your attendees around your venue with ease.

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Connect and engage members

An interactive social feed provides a central place for members to discover content and engage in discussion at an event or year-round.

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Send instant push notifications

Deliver important updates to attendees' home screens, even if the app isn’t active.

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Update on the go

Update on the fly

Your schedules, interactive maps, and speaker lists will reflect up-to-the-minute changes.

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Gather real-time feedback

Survey attendees about elements of your event and gather results you can implement right away.

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Generate revenue with your app

Include ad banners and other in-app sponsorship opportunities that deliver proven ROI to your sponsors.

Data UI
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See the data

Access intuitive metrics of your app’s most popular content to understand attendee engagement and make informed decisions.

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Engage year-round

Provide valuable information to your members and boost engagement and awareness of your programs.

Guidebook supports hundreds of association apps

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The Distributive Education Clubs of America

During the pandemic, DECA was forced to transform its flagship event to a virtual format. With Guidebook, they built an app that turned the event into a comprehensive virtual hub. The app helped members stay informed and engaged throughout the event.

  • 17,000+ student members engaged during the event using DECA’s app.
  • Utilizing push notifications and schedule-building features, DECA provided a streamlined and organized event experience, ensuring participants had access to all competitions, sessions, and resources.
CIVSA App Screenshot

CIVSA Annual Conference

CIVSA hosts 600+ attendees at its annual conference. Before Guidebook, each attendee received a 60-page book with event information. With Guidebook, CIVSA built an app to replace all printed materials.

  • The app includes event info, local recommendations, maps, and push notifications.
  • CIVSA eliminates the need to print 36,000 pages, saving over $5000 in printing costs.
UPCEA App Screenshot

The Online and Professional Education Association

The UPCEA Annual Conference wanted to increase attendee engagement while reducing printed materials. Partnering with Guidebook, they developed a flexible and user-friendly mobile app that provided real-time updates, personalized schedules, and interactive maps.

  • 80%+ of attendees used the app in year 1, beating their expectations! This allowed them to plan further printing reductions in year 2.
  • 100% of speakers uploaded additional resources directly into the app, improving the overall attendee experience and providing easy access to presentations and helpful links after the event.

Frequently asked questions

Can I build this on my own? I’m not very technical…

Yes, you can. If you’re comfortable sending an email or putting together a few basic PowerPoint slides, you can build an app on our platform. Most of our customers would not describe themselves as ‘techy.’

Do you offer any integrations?

Yes! We know how hectic using multiple event planning tools can be, so we integrated our app Builder with the tools our customers use most. We connect with software like Eventbrite, Marketo, Cvent, and Splash. Plus, our Zapier integration allows connections to 10,000+ systems. Want to do more? Contact us to learn more about how our Open API works.

Can I make changes to my event app after I publish it?

Absolutely. If at any point you need to make a change, just jump right back into our system, make those edits, and hit Publish. Within seconds, your updates will be live. And, if you need to send any last-minute notifications to your users, you can do that straight from your phone or tablet with our Mobile Admin capabilities.

Can someone build my app for me?

Yes - although Guidebook is easy to use, we offer Professional Services where we can set you up with a dedicated app builder to build your app from start to finish. Since events are in our blood, you know you'll be getting a beautiful app that your users will love. All you'll need to provide is your content (sessions, speakers, etc.) and we'll take care of the rest.

What level of security is offered? My IT team is very strict...

Whether your event or association is large or small, building trust with your attendees is important. You want to make sure that their information and your information is secure. Guidebook takes security very seriously, and you can learn more about our approach here:

Do you offer human support?

Of course. Guidebook’s award-winning customer success team has reps in the US and the UK, and we pride ourselves on fast response times, and becoming a trusted advisor to you and your team.

How do members download my app?

Upon publishing your app, you’ll have a custom landing page to share with your audience - as well as a unique QR code. Our app Builder also gives you tools like email promotion, posters, and social media templates (and more) to make promoting and downloading your event app super simple.

Can I really generate sponsorship revenue?

Many of our customers have highly engaged app audiences and their sponsors want to get in front of them through banner ads, sponsored in-app social feed posts, push notifications, and more. Speak to us today to learn more about what you can sell and how.

I have an event coming up soon, do I have enough time to build an event app with Guidebook?

It’s important to first understand what kind of app you’re looking for -- an app that’s neatly housed within a container app, like Guidebook, or a standalone app in the App Store. If it’s the former, you can move very quickly. 
- Generally for newbies, you can expect to spend around 8 hours from start to finish on an app that’ll be housed in a container app. It's fun, creative work, and you and your whole team can simultaneously build the app - so that 8 hours will probably fly by.If you’re looking for a standalone app, however, there are other variables at play.
- When publishing any app to the Apple App Store, you’ll need to set up a Developer account with them, which can take a week or so. They’ll also need to approve your app once it’s complete, which further slows things down. All in all, you’ll want to be prepared for a lead time of at least a month, to be safe. To clarify, this expected time is the same for any event app platform or custom developer out there.

Does your app work offline? Some events have no WiFi...

As long as you’ve encouraged your users to download your app ahead of time (tip: following best practices for event promotion advises you've done this), most of the information in your app will work offline. In the unfortunate case of poor wifi at your event, all your schedules, maps, and lists will still be accessible. You will, however, not be able to use features like photo albums, social media, and messaging until users have an internet connection again.


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An Association App is for More Than Just Events

Rather than relying on paper pamphlets, organizations can schedule push notifications to update members on the latest information.

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Association Event
UPCEA Conference Elevates Engagement

UPCEA aimed to provide attendees with real-time updates, personalized schedules, and user-friendly event navigation.

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An Event App for Virtual Engagement

The mobile app served as a one-stop destination for students to access event information.

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