Historicon™ 2015


<span> </span>

<span>Fredericksburg Expo & Conference Center</span>

<span>2371 Carl D. Silver Parkway</span>

<span>Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401</span>

<span>Tel: 540.548.5555</span>


HISTORICON is the preeminent miniatures gaming convention in the United States, and will be held on July 16-19, 2015.


What is Miniatures Gaming?  If you like military history and recreating the world’s great battles then you will love HISTORICON, America’s leading historical miniatures wargaming convention. Imagine yourself in command of the 2nd Ranger Battalion, attacking the German positions at Pointe du Hoc; or take the place of Maj. Gen. George Pickett, leading the Confederate charge on Cemetery Ridge or charge in the Valley of Eylau in the place of General Murat! Now imagine that your troops are not cardboard counters or electrons, but instead hundreds or even thousands of beautifully painted miniatures maneuvering on realistic three dimensional scenery. That’s miniature wargaming!


<span>This year's convention theme: "An End to Empires: <span>3,000BC TO July 16, 2015"</span></span>