MozFest 2017

Welcome to MozFest, a festival for advocates of a healthy Internet.

This schedule shares session descriptions and timings, and different ways to navigate across the program. You can explore sessions individually, by session facilitator, or grouped under spaces or experiences.

Session formats help participants understand the level of interaction within each session:
  • Learning Forum session are for listening, learning and discussing individual topics. Sessions here develop and implement ideas for improvement, exchange or review.
  • Gallery sessions contain interactive exhibits, installations, games, stalls designed for 1:1 self driven experience and emergent activities.
  • Shed sessions feature hands-on making, hacking and prototyping. Expect to create and build code, objects or crafts.
MozFest features a range of experiences, which span the different spaces of the festival, including:
  • Artist Open Studios - Five artists are embedded in the festival, producing art work exploring the narratives the space.
  • Curated Programming - Three curated topics allow you to explore each of the festival's spaces through a particular lens: Open Policy & Advocacy, Journalism and Youth-Led.
  • Dialogues and Debates: 19 luminaries at the intersection of technology and society will deliver compelling talks in the Walker Space on the ground floor.
Emergent sessions:
MozFest provides space for emergent sessions. To book a table and have your session added to the schedule, visit the library on the 5th floor.