Real Talk: The Creative Experience with MAGFriends

Date & Time

Jan 4th at 8:00 PM until 9:00 PM




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Calling all musicians, writers, artists, game designers, cosplayers, and other creatives!! Welcome to the inclusive forum where we open up about the struggles of creating that we all go through, but don't talk about enough. Our panel of experienced creatives will share how we went through and overcame difficulties such as: Imposter Syndrome, failure, lack of motivation, comparing to others, and feeling isolated. Bringing these experiences into the open shows each other that we're not alone in them. We'll also share our successes, including our favorite tips on how to boost your creative practice and stay inspired. Audience participation is highly encouraged! Feel free to tell us your story and ask questions, and we'll offer our encouragement and helpful suggestions. We'll also have time for some mingling, and give you a chance to connect with others who share your specific creative interests. We encourage you to ask each other advice or start new collaborations, and make some new best MAGFriends! Our goal is for you to leave our panel feeling inspired, motivated, and supported in your creative life, with new friends who will encourage you and be a part of your creative journey!