Help us build a federated social network for educators using ActivityPub

Date & Time

Oct 27th at 2:00 PM until 3:00 PM




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In this workshop, we'll not only be discussing decentralisation, but practising it! Participants will be introducing one another to federated platforms and the ActivityPub protocol (a W3C standard) which powers Mastodon and other networks. We'll present the work we've done so far on the [MoodleNet]( social media network for educators, and then break into smaller groups to consider:

(i) ways to explain the advantages and peculiarities of decentralisation,
(ii) additional technologies or approaches we could make use of,
(iii) potential barriers

We'll then come back to discuss ways forward for collaboration on decentralised and federated networks. Participants should leave the session with a deeper awareness of ActivityPub, what the fediverse can be used for, and with new allies for existing or future projects.