DEN - Denver International Airport Guide

Denver International Airport is the only major airport to be built in the United States in the last 25 years. The current facility can accommodate 50 million passengers a year without any additional construction.

Fun Facts

  • The Jeppesen Terminal roof is made of a Teflon-coated fiberglass material that is as thin as a credit card.
  • The four busiest airports in the United States - Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta, Chicago O'Hare, Los Angeles International, and Dallas Fort Worth - could all fit into DIA’s 53-square miles of land.
  • Denver International Airport is one of the world’s greenest airports. We also have the largest solar farm at a commercial airport in the United States.
  • The airport contributes over 26 billion dollars a year to Colorado’s economy.
  • Denver International Airport was one of the first airports in the United States to integrate art into public spaces.  During construction, artists worked with architects to integrate art into the airport. 
  • Denver International Airport has the only passenger bridge in the United States where you can watch an airplane taxi beneath you.
  • Some people think there’s a conspiracy making our airport the center of a New World Order.  Rest assured the story is definitely a myth.