World Fantasy Convention 2014

1914   Three Centennials   2014

The Year

1914 was a time of transition, and the 40th World Fantasy Convention will focus on this with our commemoration of the births of the artist Virgil Finlay and the author Robert Aickman, as well as the beginning of World War I .  We welcome you to join us in exploring the many facets, both light and dark, of these forces that shaped the future.

The Honorees

We will also be celebrating our Guests of Honor Les Edwards (also painting as Edward Miller), Guy Gavriel Kay, and Stuart David Schiff, along with Toastmaster Mary Robinette Kowal and very Special Guest Lail Finlay, daughter of Virgil Finlay.

The Venue

Our gathering will take place at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Arlington, Virginia, and will culminate in a banquet where the World Fantasy Awards will be announced.