1. Hilary Abell
    Co-Founder, Project Equity
  2. Alok Appadurai
    Co-Founder & CEO, Fed By Threads
  3. Mike Auger
    CEO, PikFly
  4. Jay Bad Heart Bull
    President and CEO, Native American Community Development Institute (NACDI)
  5. Adrienne Maree Brown
    Co-editor, Octavia's Brood
  6. Amanda Cabot
    Co-Founder/President/CEO, Dansko
  7. Niambi Cacchioli
    Owner And Head Artisan, Bloomsbury Sq Bath And Body
  8. Sallie Calhoun
    Owner, Paicines Ranch
  9. Francisco Cervera
    CEO, eMoneyPool
  10. Jose Corona
    CEO, Inner City Advisors
  11. Laurie Craft
    Program Director, Grand Rapids Community Foundation
  12. Bob Dandrew
    Director, Local Economies Project
  13. Devita Davison
    Community Kitchen Director, FoodLab/Detroit Kitchen Connect
  14. Andrew Delmonte
    Social Enterprise Coordinator, Small Business Development Center at SUNY Buffalo State
  15. Steve Dubb
    Research Director, The Democracy Collaborative
  16. Jodie Evans
    Co-founder, CODEPINK: Women for Peace
  17. Sara Day Evans
    Founder and Executive Director, Accelerating Appalachia
  18. Isoke Femi
    Co-founder and Director, Todos Institute
  19. Anthony Flaccavento
    Founder, SCALE, Inc.
  20. Deborah Frieze
    Co-Founder, Boston Impact Initiative
  21. Kenyetta Hairston Bridges
    Director Of Business Development, Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC)
  22. Jamee Haley
    Executive Director, Lowcountry Local First
  23. Leah Hunt Hendrix
    Director, Solidaire
  24. Eric Henry
    President, TS Designs
  25. Myrlin Hepworth
    Teaching Artist, Myrlindo LLC
  26. Elissa Hillary
    Executive Director, Local First West Michigan
  27. Peter Hille
    President, MACED
  28. Ted Howard
    Executive Director, The Democracy Collaborative
  29. Tolulope Ilesanmi
    Cleaner, Zenith Cleaning
  30. Stephen Jones
    Executive Chef, The Kimpton Group
  31. Van Jones
    Founder and President, Dream Corps
  32. Erin Kilmer Neel
    Chief Impact Officer / Executive Director, Beneficial State Foundation / Sustainable Business Alliance
  33. Antoinette Klatzky
    Program Director, Eileen Fisher Community Foundation
  34. David Korten
    Co-founder and Board Chair, Yes! Magazine
  35. Leanne Krueger-Braneky
    Senior Director, Strategy & Development, BALLE
  36. Kimber Lanning
    Executive Director, Local First Arizona
  37. Burt Lauderdale
    Executive Director, Kentuckians For The Commonwealth
  38. Ramon Leon
    Founder, President and CEO, Latino Economic Development Center
  39. David Levine
    Co-Founder, President and CEO, American Sustainable Business Council
  40. Alex Linares
    Project Officer, The Working World
  41. Penn Loh
    Lecturer and Director of Community Practice, Tufts University Dept of Urban & Environmental Policy & Planning
  42. Adele London
    Director of Business Development, Good Work Network
  43. Michelle Long
    Executive Director, BALLE
  44. Rachel Maxwell
    CEO, Community Sourced Capital
  45. Jess McClary
    Shrubist Extraordinaire/CEO, McClary Bros. Vinegars
  46. Dawn McGee
    CEO, Good Works Ventures and President, High Stakes Foundation
  47. Pavi Mehta
    Author, ServiceSpace
  48. Joaquin Murrieta-Saldivar
    Project Manager, Watershed Management Group
  49. Gary Nabhan
    Dr., University of Arizona Kellogg Program
  50. Chris Nemeth
    President, Hopeful Harvest
  51. Mark Nicolson
    Principal, Ventana Group
  52. Tyler Norris
    Vice President, Total Health, Kaiser Permanente
  53. Jessica Norwood
    Executive Director, Emerging ChangeMakers Network
  54. Dana Pancrazi
    Vice President, Capital Markets, The F.B. Heron Foundation
  55. Esther Park
    President, Commons Stock
  56. Lorenzo G. Perez
    Co-Founder and Principal, Venue Projects
  57. Michael Powe
    Senior Research Manager, Preservation Green Lab - Natl Trust for Historic Preservation
  58. Cynthia Power
    Special Projects Facilitator, Eileen Fisher
  59. Edward Quevedo
    Faculty, Sustainable Enterprise/research Affiliate, Mills College/Institute for the Future
  60. Stephanie Rearick
    Founder, Mutual Aid Networks
  61. Armando Robles
    Treasurer and Union President, New Era Windows Cooperative
  62. Euneika Rogers-Sipp
    Chief Regenerative Officer, Sustainable Rural Regenerative Enterprises for Families (SURREF)
  63. Carmen Rojas
    CEO, The Workers Lab
  64. Joel Salatin
    President, Polyface Farm
  65. D'Artagnan Scorza
    Executive Director, Social Justice Learning Institute
  66. Michael Shuman
    Co-founder and Research Director, Cutting Edge Capital
  67. Nikki Silvestri
    Social Innovation Strategist
  68. Mark Stapp
    Director, Master of Real Estate Development, Arizona State University
  69. Matt Stinchcomb
    Executive Director, Etsy.org
  70. Marie Sullivan
    President and CEO, Arizona Women's Education and Employment
  71. Aaron Tanaka
    Co-Founder, Center for Economic Democracy and Managing Director, Boston Impact Initiative
  72. T-Dubb-O
    Hip-Hop Artist
  73. Mark Tilsen
    President and Co-Founder, Native American Natural Foods
  74. Rika Tyler
    Program Director, Hands Up United
  75. Leslie Watson
    Board President, Northeast Investment Cooperative
  76. Ed Whitfield
    Co-Managing Director, Fund for Democratic Communities
  77. Judy Wicks
    Author, "Good Morning, Beautiful Business"
  78. Sandy Wiggins
    Principal, Consilience LLC