16th International Conference on Integrated Care - ICIC16

Here you will find some useful information but please visit the registration desk with any specific questions. The registration will remain open througout the conference.

Where will the conference take place?
Palau de Congressos de Catalunya
Av. Diagonal, 661-671,
08028 Barcelona, Spain

Where do I sign up for the breakout sessions?
Sign up sheets are on display in the exhibition area. If you signed up in advance via survey monkey you will see your name on the list. If you did not sign up in advance please choose your preferred session by signing your name. If a session is full you need to choose another. Sessions may be busy so please fill all seats.

Is there translation?
Translation is available in all sessions taking place in the Main Theatre and Room E5&6. You can pick up a receiver outside the room. You will need to leave a form of ID as security and if the receivers are lost, there is a fine of €350 so please remember to return them after each session.

Plenaries 1-5 will only include English presentations so if you speak English you do not need a receiver. During the breakouts there will be a mixture of Spanish and English presentations so you will need a receiver.

In the opening ceremony presenters will speak in Catalan so all non-Catalan speakers need a receiver.

Please return all receivers after each session. Do not forget!

Will the presentations from the conference be available after?
Yes. We will put all the videos, presentations and highlights from the conference in the past events section on our website as soon as possible after the event.

Can I get a certificate of attendance?
Yes, please email us after the conference and we will be happy to forward you a certificate of attendance.

We hope you enjoy the conference !