420.07 Pushing the limits of high contrast with STIS/BAR5 (John H. Debes)

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Jan 7th at 3:10 PM until 3:20 PM




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Author(s): John H. Debes2, Bin Ren1

Institution(s): 1. Johns Hopkins University, 2. STScI

The Hubble Space Telescope (HST)/Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS) contains the only currently operating coronagraph in space that is not trained on the sun. We demonstrate the high contrast capabilities of the newly commissioned BAR5 occulter. We discuss the latest procedures in obtaining high contrast imaging of circumstellar disks and faint point sources with STIS and present results from a recent calibration program that demonstrates better than 106 point-source contrast at sub-arcsecond inner working angles, and better than 105 point-source contrast beyond 0.25__. These results are obtained by a combination of sub-pixel grid dithers, multiple spacecraft orientations, and post-processing. Some of these same techniques will be employed by future coronagraphic missions. We present sample science cases for high contrast imaging in the visible with these newly demonstrated capabilities.

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