Adventures in VR Game Music: Prototyping tools and techniques

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Jan 5th at 4:00 PM until 5:00 PM




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Problem: Music is super weird in VR games. If a player is immersed in a VR game, and everything looks and sounds like it's right there, why is there an invisible string orchestra in the scene? Solution: ??? VR is both a technical challenge and a vast creative frontier for game composers. We'll start with a brief rundown of core VR audio techniques and discuss what tools are available for prototyping with music in mind, before we dive in to a discussion of what works and doesn't work about music in VR games. Unlike a score to a more traditional game, film, tv, etc, VR games demand spatial audio, and the mix is defined by the player. Normal stereo music can break immersion in VR, so our panelists have explored the alternatives and will share their discoveries with composers and audio leads who aim to use music as an interactive/narrative/vibe element in immersive VR games.