Keynote: Networks of Pedagogy: Notes towards a Decolonized Classroom

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May 17th at 10:30 AM until 11:45 AM



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Without being utopian about the role of technology in pedagogy, how can the connections and networks we build in and out of the classroom play a role in decolonizing classroom spaces? This talk takes up this question by considering how hybrid learning can be effectively leveraged to address the inequalities in cultural capital, social location of identity, and student needs and abilities that prevent classrooms from being equitable spaces. I draw on my experiences teaching hybrid courses and the responses these courses have elicited from students to explore these issues, using my digital literary studies course as a case study for re-imagining the power dynamics that subtend higher education. The networks of pedagogy that we create through hybrid learning, this talk argues, are essential to the creation of inclusive classrooms that can empower students who have been underserved through more traditional models of pedagogy.

Dr. Roopika Risam is an Associate Professor of English at Salem State University whose research focuses on digital humanities and postcolonial studies. For more about Roopika, visit her website here: