The shared annotation tool: A hands-on workshop with an eye toward Intergroup Dialogue (IGD) or integrative learning


Thomas 110
Over the past year, members of the Digital Learning Team at Muhlenberg College have incorporated the ( ) web-based, shared annotation tool into several learning contexts. This workshop intends to demonstrate use of the tool and provide ample time for hands-on, directed exploration of the tool's capabilities and affordances. Additionally, this workshop hopes to initiate a conversation that explores pedagogical advantages of shared annotation within particular liberal arts learning scenarios. Specifically, we will discuss our experiences using within an Intergroup Dialogue (IGD) course, two faculty learning communities, and a digital peer learning training program.

During this 70-75 minute workshop, participants will have an opportunity to install on personal laptops or tablets (or on classroom equipment). Additionally, participants will explore the use of public and private groups for shared annotation of web-based texts. The tool is quick to install and easy to learn. But the power of shared annotation atop course texts is best considered in action. Workshop facilitators will guide participants through tested techniques known to be engaging and effective for learners ranging from first year undergraduates to faculty. In addition to group exploration of software, the workshop will push beyond the more obvious classroom applications for shared annotation, and will facilitate discussion of integrative pedagogic scenarios. Workshop participants will engage around broader ideas of how might enhance their teaching and learning scenarios or meet their particular goals. Specific attention will be paid to the use of as a means to work beyond the silos of the Learning Management System, and especially across learning contexts that pose temporal (e.g., “cluster" courses), geographic (e.g., service learning, study abroad), or similar challenges to the liberal arts.

Attendees will need laptops or workstations for this workshop.

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