(VISC) Refereed Paper Research Session: Photojournalism and Image, Then and Now

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Aug 9th at 11:45 AM until 1:15 PM


Visual Communication 


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Moderating/Presiding: Alia Yunis, Zayed

Closing the Gap Between Photojournalist Research and Photojournalism Practice:
Exploring the Motivations of the Subjects of Sensitive Photo Essays
Tara Mortensen, Brian McDermott,
and Daniel Haun, South Carolina
Access, Deconstructed: An Analysis of Metajournalistic Discourse Concerning
Photojournalism and Access
Patrick Ferrucci and Ross Taylor, Colorado
A Reciprocal-Networked Model of The Photojournalistic Icon: From the Print-Television
News Era to The Present
Nicole Dahmen, Oregon; David Perlmutter, Texas Tech and Natalia Mielczarek, Virginia Tech
Online Coverage of Brittany Maynard's Death: Visual and Verbal Information
Kelsie Arnold and Kimberly Lauffer, Ball State

Mary A. Bock, Texas at Austin