(NOND) High Density Refereed Paper Research Session

Date & Time

Aug 10th at 8:15 AM until 9:45 AM


Newspaper and Online News 


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Moderating/Presiding: Kris Boyle, Brigham Young and Edson C. Tandoc, Jr., Nanyang Technological

Gaming the News: Examining the Effects of Online Political Quizzes on Interest in News and Politics
Gina Chen, Yee Man Margaret Ng, Victoria Chen,
and Martin J. Riedl, Texas at Austin
Coding the News: The Role of Computer Code in the Distribution of News Media
Matthew Weber, Allie Kosterich
and Rohit Tikyani, Rutgers
All Forest, No Trees? Data Journalism and the Construction of Abstract Categories
Wilson Lowrey and Jue Hou, Alabama
Is the Robot Biased Against Me? An Investigation of Boundary Conditions for Reception of Robot as News Writer
Bingjie Liu and Lewen Wei, Pennsylvania State

John Russial, Oregon

Trustee Versus Market Model: A Journalistic Field Experiment*
Douglas Wilbur, Missouri
Examining the Relationship Between Trust and Online Usage
Katie Yaeger and Harsh Taneja, Missouri
Tripling the Price and Wondering Why Readership Declined? A Longitudinal
Study of U.S. Newspapers' Price Hikes, 2008-2016
Iris Chyi and Ori Tenenboim, Texas at Austin
Does Working Memory Capacity Moderate the Effects of Regulatory Focus on News Headline Appraisal and Processing Speed?
Yu-Hao Lee, Florida

Donica Mensing, Nevada, Reno

* Third Place, Student Paper Competition