(GSIG) Refereed Paper Research Session: Social News, Social Media and Social Audiences

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Aug 10th at 3:15 PM until 4:45 PM


Graduate Student 


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Moderating/Presiding: Nicole Kraft, Ohio State

Social News: Enhancing Media Richness by Connecting Virtuality with Reality in Cyberspace
Yanfang Wu, Missouri
What Drives Facebook and Instagram Users' Emotional Attachment and Continuing Use? A Comparative Analysis of Internal and Socio-Cultural Factors
Bumsoo Kim, Alabama
Twitter Building the Agenda: How Journalists Use Twitter as a Source While Reporting
Kaitlin Bane, Oregon
Twitter as a Digital Union: Exploring Blogger Reactions to Corporate Collapse
Mariah Wellman, Iowa

Pamela Walck, Duquesne