(ETHC) Refereed Paper Research Session: Ethical Practice Makes Perfect: Expectations of Journalists and Journalism

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Aug 11th at 12:15 PM until 1:30 PM


Media Ethics 


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Moderating/Presiding: Tom Bivins, Oregon

“I'm More Ethical Than You”: Third-person and First-person Perception Among American journalists
Angela Lee, Texas at Dallas and Renita Coleman, Texas at Austin
Here's What BuzzFeed Journalists Think of Their Journalism
Edson Tandoc and Cassie Yuan Wen Foo, Nanyang Technological University
Playing the Right Way: In-house Sports Reporters and Media Ethics as Boundary Work
Michael Mirer, Wisconsin
Ethical, Moral, and Professional Standards in Journalism Practice: A Baseline Definition of Journalistic Integrity
Kimberly Kelling, Missouri
Spotlight: Virtuous Journalism in Practice*
Yayu Feng, Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Stephanie Craft, Illinois

* First Place Student Paper