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Mobile app builder Guidebook launches new platform and announces $10M in funding

Guidebook helps companies, universities, museums, tradeshows, churches and conferences build low-cost and effective mobile apps for visitors to their venues and events.

July 14, 2015
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July 14, 2015

Guidebook today announced the launch of a new platform, Guidebook Builder, which gives any organization the ability to easily create and manage native iOS and Android apps for venues and events.

In the past two years Guidebook users have launched 25,000 mobile guides designed to transform the visitor experience. From 100-person corporate training sessions to conventions with hundreds of thousands of attendees, Guidebook provides companies, universities, museums, churches, or any other organization, with an effective and low-cost solution to design, build and deploy mobile apps themselves.

Guidebook started as a way to make apps for events, but has responded to the creativity and enthusiasm of customers who want to build apps tailored to their needs. "We developed Guidebook Builder as we discovered people were using Guidebook’s event platform in new ways,” said Jeff Lewis, Guidebook’s Founder and CEO.

“For example, universities were creating campus tours, and associations were creating membership apps. Our new platform will help us keep pace with this demand. We’re investing in new functionality, like location-based video and audio tours, to broaden our customer base, while doubling down in existing areas of focus, like scheduling and mapping, to strengthen Guidebook's offering to our current customers."

Guidebook Builder’s drag-and-drop interface empowers people with no programming experience to easily build and manage mobile visitor guides. In just four years the Silicon Valley-based technology company has quietly established a world-class client base, including Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

Guidebook is revolutionizing a mobile app development market largely served by consultancies which offer custom apps for high upfront fees and unpredictable maintenance costs. Guidebook is the only fully functional app builder to offer a free version of its software. The company has lowered the traditionally high barrier to entry in the mobile app space by reducing the time it takes to launch a mobile guide to as little as an hour, and by offering a subscription model which eliminates startup fees and allows customers to predict ongoing costs.

Today Guidebook also made its first funding announcement, disclosing it has raised $10 million to date in seed and Series A funding. London-based Mosaic Ventures co-led the financing with MHS Capital. With the help of their investors, Guidebook plans to continue its rapid growth in Europe. As part of the Series A financing, Toby Coppel, one of Mosaic's founding partners, has joined Guidebook’s board of directors.

“The Guidebook team has developed a best-in-class platform that offers a solution for any organization in any industry to design and build a native app in an easy and low cost way,” said Coppel.

“With the world of mobile apps changing quickly, multiple platforms to support, and good talent expensive to hire, Guidebook offers a compelling alternative to building an app in-house or outsourcing custom development. We’re excited to partner with Guidebook. The new platform enables them to expand the range of industries and customers they can serve, and we have no doubt that tens of millions of people will be using apps built by Guidebook in the next few years.”

Guidebook is based in Palo Alto, CA and has been making it easy for people to create mobile guides for their events, organizations and places since 2011. For more information, including photos and logos, visit or contact Jordan McArthur, Content Marketing Manager, at

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