Self-Guided Mobile Campus Tours

Allow prospective students to experience a quality campus tour on their own time, at their own pace.

Point-to-point directions
Students don’t need to orient themselves with a paper map. Instead they can follow native GPS to guide them on the path that you designate. When they arrive at a stop the audio will even play automatically.
Design and Customize
Control the experience that your prospective students have on campus tours. With your branding, a tour route where you can pick the points of interest, and a simple call to action, you can guarantee they will be successful.
Student narration
Using your ambassadors to record the stories that they would share on a real tour, prospective students will get a real student experience.
Current Guidebook features give the ability to discover information about the campus on their own, in a mobile format.
Reach students
Instead of letting self guided tour students go untouched, give them a simple form to complete that will allow them to get in touch with admissions. Whether they want to speak with a counselor or ambassador, allow them to connect with the school.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mobile tour?

A mobile tour is the best campus tour option for prospective students visiting campus, who cannot make a scheduled tour.

Why go mobile?

75% of college students visit a campus on their own, without the aid of a guided tour, according to a recent in-depth study of high school seniors.

Who is the target audience for a mobile campus tour?

Prospective families who visit on weekends, holidays, or simply cannot make a scheduled tour.

Can I customize the tour?

Yes, all aspects are customizable. From the colors and branding to messaging and student narration, it’s up to you!

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