"P22 Migrate a 230 TB database cross-platform in less than a day by Mike Dietrich"

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Mar 9th at 2:00 PM until 2:45 PM


Core Tech 


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Do you have a large database? A VERY large database? And do you need to migrate it to a different platform? We have the right tools for you to ease your migration and keep the downtime as low as possible. RMAN incrementally rolled forward backups combined with Transportable Tablespaces will allow you a smooth migration of databases even larger than 100TB across platforms and Endianness. We'll explain the approach using Oracle's PERL scripts from configuration to execution, and give you insights into two real world migrations in the US and EMEA with databases larger than 100TB -- one using traditional Transportable Tablespaces and the other using Data Pump's super-fancy Full Transportable Export/Import feature.