2018 Session of the Mississippi Annual Conference

Greetings Members of the 2018 Annual Conference,

We hope you are enjoying this year's Guidebook app which provides you with instant access to the latest information regarding annual conference at your fingertips and all in one convenient location.

Continue to check your app "in box" for in-app messages so you can easily see what has changed.

To enter your cell phone number and have a download link sent directly to your phone visit: http://guidebook.com/g/powerofwe

To view all of the contents of this year's annual conference app on your computer via a traditional web page visit: http://guidebook.com/guide/120262

To to view a brief video on how to install the app click here

If you have an email address on file, you should have already received an e-blast announcing the launch of this app. If you did not receive that notification, you should contact your district office to ensure that all of your contact information is current.

It is important to note that you will not be able to print out the entire Guidebook app. However, you can print out key documents like the pre-conference journal and agenda. These documents will be posted online and available in the Guidebook app as a PDF file. You can print out this document as it will be posted as a PDF. Likewise other portions of the app like the agenda which some may want to print will be posted as PDFs. To view the 166-page 2018 Pre-Conference Journal, you can go to the link below https://guidebook.com/guide/120262/poi/9837999/

Thank you for all you do for both your local church and our annual conference. As always, feel free to email the Conference Office at jmason@mississippi-umc.org if you have any questions or recommendations.