Entrepreneurship and Financing for the Future We Want

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A recent study across 71 countries showed that the No. 1 cause of a country’s growth in economic inequality is “financialization, or how much a nation’s economy is devoted to Wall Street-like financial activities.” At BALLE we see a different path — one of business as community, as service, as justice — and as life.

Amanda Cabot, the founder of Dansko, a national footwear company owned by its employees, and Matt Stinchcomb, Executive Director Etsy.org – will begin this session with their experience and vision for how businesses can scale ethically and stay true to their founding missions. Next, four of North America’s leading thinkers and doers in the field of mission-aligned finance will describe how the conventional financial system is maintaining a system of inequality and how we can expand the path to building community wealth and wellness instead.


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